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Google Hummingbird Update - October 3 2013

Google has quietly been up their old tricks, it looks like over the past few weeks they have been busy updating the way that websites appear in search results. This time it is a bit different, Google is saying that they will be focused less on "keywords" as a way of predicting what users want to find and instead take into account the whole of what users have searched for, especially when it comes to mobile searches where users will type things such as "where can i find a good restaurant in Sydney". In today's complex online world people are becoming more savvy when they search and this means that search engines have to keep up. Google's plan to show websites to users based on the meaning behind their search will be interesting to see and I think that it will in the end be better for all.
Post By: Jamie Olsen

J2O Launches App Development - July 31 2012

Ever thought about a mobile App for your business? Well if not then you should. More and more of your customers will be visiting your website from a mobile device. If you don't believe me then just have a look at your Web Analytics which will prove this trend. You don't have to have a custom App you can also create a mobile optimised version of your website. Mobile Apps can help to increase your conversions and create customer repeat purchases. To find out more Click Here.
Post By: Jamie Olsen

Using Video To Get More Visitors - June 19 2012

Want to know an easy and free way of getting onto page one of Google and getting more traffic to your website? Video creation is the answer. Yes Youtube and video have been around for quite some time but how many businesses are actually using it to benefit their rankings online? Not many is the answer. Basically all you need to do is create a video related to your business, then host that video on your Youtube account (making sure to name the video with a specific key-phrase for your industry e.g 'home insurance quote Sydney'). The reason for doing this is that Google will sometimes pick up these videos and place them on Page 1 of Google along with the other search results. This can get you new potential leads to your business and best of all it does not have to cost you a cent!
Post By: Jamie Olsen

New IPv6 Announced - June 6 2012

We all have an IP address assigned to our devices that connect us to the internet, did you know however that we ran out of IP addresses a long time ago? With the current IPv4 system we already have 4 billion devices and growing sharing an IP address. There is no need to panic though as we now have the roll out of IPv6 as of June 6 2012, basically it means more IP addresses available (in fact everyone on Earth could have billions of IP addresses each!) You don't need to do anything while the transition occurs. For more info you can visit here.
Post By: Jamie Olsen

Google Algorithm Update - May 30 2012

Google's latest algorithm update named 'Penguin' has got the SEO industry buzzing. The latest update is meant to place more priority on penalising poor SEO techniques such as link spamming - link spamming is where a website has the majority of their in-bound links coming from low quality sources. An example of a low quality link would be links coming from pages unrelated to the subject of your website, links coming from pages with too many sponsored ads, links from pages with too many outgoing links and many other 'black hat' techniques. To avoid your site being penalised you need to make sure that the majority of your links are coming from other genuine pages with related subject matter to yours, and remember to always avoid like the plague any "SEO" packages that sell things such as 10,000 links for $10.
Post By: Jamie Olsen

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